15 Things Only Sheepadoodle Owners Understand

Dana Nicole Sheepadoodle

If you own a Sheepadoodle or a mini Sheepadoodle, you’ll quickly realize that they are a unique breed that is full of life and love! Here are 10 things that all Sheepadoodle owners will understand.

1. Sheepadoodles Can Be Stubborn

Sheepadoodles are smart enough to know what you’re saying to them, but will sometimes still do what they want.

Their incredible intelligence plus their stubborness makes for great laughs, however. They definitely have a mind of their own and while they love to please their family, they sometimes like to just do things their own way.

Nothing will make you laugh more than when you tell your sheepie to do something and they give you that “I’d rather not….” look with their big human-like eyes.

2. You Now Have a Shadow

Need to go to the bathroom? Guess who will be right at your heels? Sheepies have a desire to stay as close to their family as possible (the closer, the better, in fact).

But count me in, I definitely do not mind having that fluff-ball follow me around!

3. You’ve Likely Been Outsmarted at Some Point

A smart, stubborn dog means that you’ve got yourself a dog who knows what they want, when they want it, and how to get it!

Of course, it’s always done in good fun.

Like the time my husband was sitting on the couch where our dog wanted to be sitting. She scratched at the back door so he got up to let her out, but when he turned around to see where she was, he noticed that she was all snuggled up on the couch where he had previously been sitting!

Sheepadoodle in the mountains

4. Sheepadoodles Do Not Understand What “Personal Space” Is (But You Don’t Mind)

One word: cuddles. These dogs will try and fit their way onto everybody’s lap, including guests they just met.

If you are visiting a Sheepadoodle for the first time, be ready to be showered with kisses and affection.

Sheepadoodle cuddling girl

5. You Find Yourself Wondering What Life Was Like Before Your Sheepie

As in, what did you laugh at before? What did you occupy all that time with? Because if you weren’t active then, you definitely are active now! Sheepadoodles need lots of exercise which means the family is more active!

6. 1 Part Dog, 3 Parts Clown

At some point or another, your sheepie has most definitely made you laugh so hard you snorted. These dogs are simply hilarious without trying to be!

7. They Are The World’s Best Babysitter

Sheepies love to be around their humans, especially the little ones as it often means endless playtime and attention!

Ours even takes it a step further and will tattle on the kids if they start to fight with one another by alerting us through her barks. She likes to make sure everyone is on their best behavior at all times!

8. While You Miss Them As a Puppy, You Are Thankful the Puppy Biting is Over

And you’d be lying if you said you didn’t nickname your pup the “land shark”. As this dog is of the herding breed, they are going to want to nip at you all day long until they learn otherwise. Those first couple of months with your pup were rough until you figured out how to manage their nippy-ness.

Sheepadoodle puppy being kissed

9. You’re Always Thinking of Changing Up Their Hair-Do, But Then Chicken Out

That adorable shaggy-look takes so much time to achieve and is SO cute, but you always find yourself wondering what other cool ‘dos you can give your pooch.

But let’s be honest, these dogs will look great no matter how they are styled!

10. New ‘do, New Dog

Speaking of giving your dog a new hair-do, there may come a time when your Sheepadoodle groomer “poodles your doodle”, either by accident, necessity or because you wanted a summer cut!

Either way, when your pooch gets shaved it’s like there was a whole other dog under all that fur!

11. Your Sheepie Gets Pampered More Than You

All that brushing, combing, nail trimming, pets and snuggles add up, and eventually, you’ll start to realize that your ‘dood is getting the royal treatment more than you.

But that’s ok – because we love them and want nothing but the best for them.

Sheepadoodle on bridge outside

12. Their Eyes Get Them (Almost) Whatever They Want

Seriously, those big doe-like eyes, with the long lashes make it nearly impossible to say no.

Sheepadoodle laying down

13. You Have a Best Friend for Life

The Shepadoodle is unlike any other dog I’ve ever met. And lucky for you, you now have a BFF for life.

14. They Want to Be Friends With Everybody and Everything

Even though Sheepadoodles are incredibly loyal to the pack, they don’t see why they shouldn’t still befriend every person and every animal while out and about. 

And if you are shy or quiet, get used to people stopping to ask you about your dog every time you head out on a walk.

Sheepadoodles get treated like celebrities when they go out! Everyone wants to stop and say “hello” to your ‘dood and your pooch is more than happy to oblige!

15. You Want the World to Know How Much You Love Your Dog

The world would be a better place if it was run by Sheepadoodles. Maybe a little bit more chaotic, but it would be full of love, understanding and laughs! And while you might not be able to tell everyone you meet about how great your dog is, a Sheepadoodle shirt might be all you need to convey that message! Shop our Sheepadoodle t-shirts here!

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